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Total Control:

Getting Started

To avoid confusion, think of the stations in your irrigation system as performers. Each of the programs (A, B, C and D) is the playbill for a variety show. Not all of your performers will be in each show. Some shows may be performed on certain days od the week while others may be performed every day. Some shows will be performed once in a given day while other shows will be performed multiple times.

Determine Your Needs

The days of the week and the number of times per day you want each station to be activated will determine which program (show) that each station (performer) appears in.

Make a table like this with an entry for each station (performer):


1.) Front Lawn Sun. and Thu. 4 a.m. 20 mins.
2.) Back Lawn Sun. and Thu. 4 a.m.  30 mins.
3.) Front Beds Mon., Wed., Fri. 5 a.m. 1 hour
4.) Back Beds Min., Wed., Fri. 5 a.m.
7 a.m.
45 mins.
5.) Pot and Planters Every Day 7 a.m.
12 noon
7 p.m.
20 mins.
6.) Hanging Baskets Every Day 7 a.m.
7 p.m.
5 mins.

Setting up a program involves three steps:

  • Entering the days on which each program will be perfomed.
  • Entering the time(s) of day that each program will start on those days selected in Step One.
  • Selecting the performers and entering the duration for their part in the show. Each station does NOT need its own start time since the stations follow one after another within each program.

Since stations 1 and 2 both need to be activated only on Sundays and Thursdays early in the morning and late in the evening (because of GVRD watering restrictions) they will be included in the same program (show).

And since both flower bed stations need to be watered three times per week they will be included in a second program.

Even though stations 5 and 6 both need to perform every day, the hanging baskrts won't be activated by noon so these stations need to be in separate programs.

Now we know what stations will be included in each of the four programs - A, B, C and D.