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Water Will Not Shut Off:

Step 1: Turn your controller to "off". If this doesn't work, continue to step 2.
Step 2: Unplug clock. No result -- see step 3.
Step 3: Go to the basement and turn off the main valve for the lawn sprinklers (it should have a bright orange tag on the valve). This will shut down the system. If it does not, you have turned off the wrong valve or you have not turned it off all the way.
Step 4: After a few minutes, try to open the valves again. The clog may have cleared itself. Sometimes by closing and opening the valve several times you may clear out whatever is stuck in the electric valve. When you close the valve, leave it off for approximately one minute, then re-open the valve. You may have to do this several times before the problem is solved.
Step 5: If you still have no luck, call Evermist.

This is usually caused by a small pebble or a large piece of rust traveling through the lines and getting stuck in an electric valve, preventing the valve from closing.

One Zone Has No Pressure:

1.) A broken head on that zone is causing other heads not to function correctly.
2.) A line has been crushed. This is caused by tree roots or a sidewalk settling.
3.) An electric valve is not functioning correctly.
4.) You need to schedule a service appointment.

Low Water Pressure:

Things to check when all zones have no or low pressure

1.) The main shut off to the system, or the main shut off to the house, may not be open all the way.
2.) One zone may be stuck on at all times, causing other zones to have low pressure.
3.) If you have a well, it may be running down.
4.) A water filtration company installed a new filter system and you are trying to run the lawn sprinklers through it. This will not work; the sprinklers were not designed to go through a filter system.
5.) Your system was designed by an irrigation company that did not factor in your well capacity or water output (GPM).